Domain Modules

Domain modules for automotive applications function as the software and computing “brain” for advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) capable and autonomous vehicles. These control units synthesize data from perception-sensing systems — such as cameras, radar, and LIDAR — with other sensors, navigation information, and vehicle health monitoring. They must quickly process all of this information and complete critical calculations for appropriate alerts and responses to ensure both consumer safety and efficient vehicle performance. As more and more automotive manufacturers shift toward ADAS and autonomous integration, demand for domain modules has increased — as has their complexity and the list of safety regulations these devices must meet.

Our robust, reliable portfolio of automotive-grade power management solutions includes LDOs and linear regulators, load switches, and more. With our unparalleled power expertise and dependable experience, we have engineered these components to help simplify the design process for your domain module and speed time-to-market. And as safety is always a top priority, our parts also comply with ISO norms and minimize EMI.

MPS’s highly efficient and scalable solutions provide everything you need to power the next generation of automotive domain control modules.

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Domain Modules Components